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The term national integration is derived from two words namely integration and national.
itt tech student portal The term has meaning assimilation integration / unification so that a coherent whole / round. National terms have the sense of nationality, is the nation itself, covering a nation such as national ideal, national dance, national companies (Dictionary of Indonesian: 1989 in Suhady 2006: 36).
itt tech student portal In Indonesia the term integration is often equated with the term assimilation or assimilation, even though both terms have differences. balkaniyum Integration means the integration of cultural, social integration, and social pluralism. While assimilation may mean an adjustment between two or more cultures of some of the cultural elements (Culutural traits) they are different or contradictory, that can be formed into a culture system that is in harmony (harmony).
Thus the National Integration can mean the union of the different parts of a whole society into a more whole, or combine many small communities that numerous become a nation (ICCE, 2007). National integration problem in Indonesia is very complex and multidimensional. To realize deperlukan justice policy implemented by the government with no distinction as to race, ethnicity, religion, language, gender, and so on. Actually, the efforts to build justice, unity, and the unity of the nation is part of an effort to build and maintain political stability in addition to other efforts such as the amount of government involvement in determining the composition and the parliamentary mechanisms.
Thus national integration efforts with solid strategy needs to be done continuously in order to realize the desired integration of the Indonesian nation. Development efforts and development of national integration is necessary, because in fact no other national integration showed strong degree of unity and the unity of the nation desired (Mahfud, 1993). In the end this national unity which can better ensure the realization of a prosperous country safe and secure. If you look at the conflict in Aceh, Ambon, West Kalimantan, and Papua is a reflection of the realization of national integration has not been expected so far.
If the New Order era, the greatest threat to national integration tends to come from the accumulated frustration of the central area, or conflict that is vertical, then today, the violence and the conflict transformed into a serious threat to the integration of national. The strong tradition of authoritarian political domination for 32 years as the primary enforcer of national integration raises major concerns over the nation's ability to democratically manage differences and resolve internal conflicts.
To exit from a variety of complications problem of conflict and national integration, it is necessary deteliti other side of the conflict according to Dahrendorf, namely that the conflict is also seen as a natural mechanism in the context of social reconstruction to find a new balance in society. Therefore, when referring to the side, the analysis of conflict violence now occurring can be directed to identify the elements of disintegration, and then eliminate those elements in order to achieve a new balance new. Disintegrative elements most prominent today as it has been parsed above is the prominence of the nature of the extremities, social trust deficit and the collapse of human values.