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o prolonged economic crisis increasingly causing most of the population live in poverty level. Indonesian social gaps are widening between rich community with the poor and the indications to get rich is not fair that through CCN.

7. Social Culture.
o Plurality of the social conditions of Indonesian culture is a source of conflict if not handled wisely. Values ​​that apply in areas that one is not always the same as the other areas. Conflict of values ​​that are common at this time that the conflict between the hard and more modern with a group that is relatively underdeveloped.
8. Defense and Security.
o The possibility of disintegration seen from the aspect of security defenses can occur from all aspects of the problem asta gatra itself. On the other hand the decline in the authority of the military and police as a result of mistakes in the past where the military and police are used by the authorities as a tool to maintain power rather than as a means of defense and state security.